The Project


The main aim of the DEFeND project is to deliver an innovative data privacy governance platform, which will facilitate scoping and processing of data and data breach management and will support organisations towards GDPR compliance.
Organisations, in order to comply with the GDPR, have to implement in their processes, at a very low-level, different tools, solutions, and processes, so privacy is inherently integrated in these. Therefore, it is important that DEFeND provides a solution that not only supports compliance of the relevant GDPR articles, but also fulfils special characteristics of needs that organisations might have. That way DEFeND goes beyond current products that offer general solutions and need special expertise and effort in order to cover the requirements of the organizations (by adapting the general solutions to the special needs of the organizations).
Another important aim for DEFeND is to be budget-available. We found many of the current solutions available in the market are too expensive for SMEs and require a high-level of expertise in order to adapt them. Therefore, it is important that DEFeND is adaptable enough so that organisations with budget restrictions can still make use of it. We plan to achieve this by following a modular strategy that provides different services to users and supports both planning and operational stages. This allows two innovative characteristics: on the one hand the solutions are more specific to the needs of the organization and, on the other hand, the modules of DEFeND could be extended with new solutions. Another aim of DEFeND is to support not only organisations to comply with GDPR but consultants, (legal and/or technical) to use it as part of their consultancy services to clients seeking GDPR compliance.

Horizon 2020

ICT-driven transformations bring opportunities across many important sectors but also vulnerabilities to critical infrastructures and digital services, which can have significant consequences on the functioning of society, economic growth and the technological innovation potential of Europe.

Work Plan

The DEFeND project is organised into six (6) work packages. Two of the work packages namely WP1 and WP6 impact the project horizontally which means they contribute to the project outcomes during the entire project period. These are dedicated to management and mainly activities related to the commercialisation of the DEFeND, respectively…


Developing a GDPR privacy plan; creating a third party mangement program; managing privacy complaints and individual rights; managing privacy incidents and breach notification; implementing privacy by design/privacy engineering; data de-identification and more…


The DEFeND platform provides 5 main services to organisations and relevant stakeholders: Data Scope Management Service, Data Process Management Service Data Breach Management Service, GDPR Planning Service and GDPR Reporting Service. These services assists organisations to collect, analyse and operationalise different aspects of the GDPR…