PDM & FC (PDMFC – PROJECTO DESENVOLVIMENTO MANUTENCAO FORMACAO E CONSULTADORIALDA) is a SME created in 1991 by a group of IST (Instituto Superior Técnico – Lisbon) engineers.
One of its subsidiaries (Go4Mobiility), was ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in the IT field, according to the “Deloitte Fast 500 IT Companies in EMEA Report”, two years in a row.

PDMFC develops products in two complementary areas: Software development tools and High Speed Communication Hardware. In the software area PDMFC has developed, Tea, a scripting programming language, and I*Tea, an application server for the web. Both have been developed in 1995 when no other similar tools existed (written in Java). Both of these products are written in Java and are used by more than one hundred large customers in twenty different countries. In the hardware area, PDMFC has developed a network card and switch, for high performance networks, based on the Maestro Technology. The products developed by PDMFC have international projection. Two of the products (Maestro network card and switch) were developed in collaboration with several international universities and have been granted several awards.

PDMFC is active in several national and international projects funded by EU and SIME – International, which is a Portuguese funded program with the aim of exploiting worldwide opportunities for new products and services developed by promising Portuguese companies. PDMFC has developed several new products, which have resulted in several spin-offs like BluePlanetDVD in the IP-TV area (www.blueplanetdvd.com), Almansur in the on-line strategy gaming arena (www.almansur.net) and Go4Mobility in the mobility area (www.go4mobility.com). All these companies have achieved international success.
PDMFC in partnership with WeDo Technologies (a world leader in Revenue Assurance solutions) has developed a set of tools that integrate with current OSS/BSS frameworks and help MNO and MVNOs better manage their businesses.

In the last few years, PDMFC has invested heavily in the field of Network Security (establishing a strategic partnership with Vodafone) and it is a leader in this field in Portugal and with a growing presence in Brazil.
This area has been extremely relevant to advance our anti-fraud algorithms used in all our online games. We have also developed and launch on behalf of our international clients, more than two dozens of games (mobile and browser based) which are specific for certain events or industries (for instance we have developed a mobile role-playing game where players in a corporate event must accomplish a set of tasks in order to win).
We are active in both the utilities industry (SMART Cities project), Environmental industry (iRecycle project), and the Health-care industry (iCARE project).
Another facet of our Machine2Machine effort is in the area of mobile communications, with the development of SMS gateways that serve for instance to alert people when a specific event occur or to keep tracking of goods both using GPS, localization, Bluetooth proximity, Zigbee and GSM cell Identification. All combined we are able to provide the entire lifecycle of data acquisition, data transmission, data processing and data visualization.

In the Cloud Computing area, we are developing new visual frameworks for managing the entire lifecycle of a global infrastructure, using standard APIs.
Currently our main focus is in the area of Information Security, having developed software that help dozens of large customers (including Governments) to detect fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, among many other things. Another software currently in production is several large customers, is the Identity and Access Management framework (called SPA) that includes Real Time Risk Assessment, Segregation of Duties, Cryptographic fingerprinting of operations, among many others features.

PDMFC currently employs over 150 highly qualified engineers, with more than 15 holding a Master or PhD degree in Science. PDMFC is / has been involved in several EU-funded research projects of which we can highlight the following: (UNITE /
HURRICANE / PEACE / UbiPOL / ICARUS / SCAMSTOP / BENEFIC / ASGARD / H2O) and it has been very successful at developing new products from the research results.

We have several years of experience of the Information Security-related area, having worked with the Portuguese Cyber Security Agency, the Investigative Police, the largest European mobile company, several banks, among many other, typically, large customers. We also manage several CSIRTs at national level (consultancy work) and develop Identity and Access Management Intelligence tools that allow large companies to secure their assets (physical and logical) as well as allow Law Enforcement Agencies to investigate cyber-crimes and efficiently gather evidence.

We are consultants in GDPR to several of the largest companies in Portugal and to the Portuguese Government, having developed a set of tools for helping organization reaching and maintain the compliance status. We have an extensive team of ISO27001 certified (auditors and implementers).

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