Maticmind is an Italian company, acting as a system integrator able to offer Data Center & Cloud, Collaboration, Security, Networking and Application value added solutions, strongly committed in addressing client business needs in terms of next generation IT.

Maticmind SpA has extensive presence in Italy, with offices in Vimodrone (MI), Padua, Modena, Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Rome, Turin, S. Spirito (BA) and Naples. The company designs, realizes and maintains complex systems through close interaction with Clients, Service Providers and leading market vendors.

In Fall 2017 Maticmind acquired 100% of Business-e. 

After last acquisitions, the company employs approximately 700 employees, distributed in various locations. The Company’s registered office is in Vimodrone (Milan), while the administrative headquarters are in Rome. The Sales Department, present in the company’s top corporate offices, is organized into two units: the first focused on the private corporate market and the other on the government market.

The Sales Department is supported during the analysis of customer needs, in identifying the most appropriate technical solutions and in the elaboration of the Technical Proposals by Consultant and Sales Engineers organized in the functions “Solutions & Consulting” and “Sales Engineering”. The Technical Department deals with delivery activities and in fact is the key element and the strength of the organization of Maticmind.

From an organizational point of view, the Technical Department consists of 3 functional lines:

– Customer Care

– Technical area

– Application Competence Center

R&D activities are conducted in the Naples Application Competence Center. 

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