Our work plan

The DEFeND project is organised into six (6) work packages. Two of the work packages namely WP1 and WP6 impact the project horizontally which means they contribute to the project outcomes during the entire project period. These are dedicated to management and mainly activities related to the commercialisation of the DEFeND, respectively. The main focus of WP1 (Project Management) activities is to ensure that the main project objective, that is the delivery of the DEFeND to the end-users, is achieved. To this end, WP1 tasks have to mitigate all risks by putting in place concrete and effective contingency plans. Moreover, compliance and Ethics issues are considered in that WP. The commercial, exploitation and dissemination focus of the project is going to be addressed by WP6 (Dissemination and Exploitation), where the partners will undertake dissemination, communication, and exploitation activities towards a rapid commercialisation of the DEFeND platform. Business and marketing plans are going to be prepared, based on the preliminary plans provided as part of this proposal, and thereafter executed. Three work packages namely WP2, WP3 and WP4 will be dedicated to technical tasks that must be carried out to deliver the DEFeND platform. WP2 (Requirements and Architecture) is dedicated to the rigorous definition of pilot scenarios, user privacy and compliance requirements and the DEFeND architecture. WP3 (Development of Platform Services) will deliver the DEFeND platform modules and components by enhancing and adapting existing technologies and services that consortium project partners bring to the project. WP4 (Integration, Deployment and Testing) provides the DEFeND platform software that comprises all functionalities developed in WP3. Testing and evaluation of the DEFeND platform will be carried out in this WP and the platform will be verified for compliance with regulations. WP4 also includes all refinements to the DEFeND platform after feedback from the pilots is given. Finally, in WP5 (Pilots preparation and execution) the DEFeND consortium will thoroughly evaluate the DEFeND platform into real-life pilots at privacy and GDPR relevant sectors in which the significant participation of relevant stakeholders will allow a measurable demonstration of the different novel features of the DEFeND platform and will facilitate the sophisticated refinement of the platform towards the provision of a ready to be commercialised software product.
Each work package splits in tasks as follows:

Following is the Gantt of the project: