The 12th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems will be held in Corfu, Greece on 28-30 September 2018, and is hosted by the Department of Informatics of the Ionian University. The theme of the conference “Digital and social transformation for a better society” reflects the dual impact of Information Systems (IS) towards fueling both digital and social transformation. Within the last years, the changing role of the Information Systems towards enabling digital innovation is a common theme in the IS research agenda. The MCIS2018 conference theme focuses to the upcoming role of digital technologies to trigger changes first in individual level and then to the social system. The digital innovation results in fundamental changes for society and human lives. The social transformation may take the form of encouraging social inclusion, enabling cultural reform, assisting social mobility, safeguarding social cohesion, or other social change.


28-30 September 2018


Corfu, Greece

DEFeND Participation

Aggeliki Tsohou (Ionian University)


Approximately 110 people: mainly academics, PhD students, postdoctoral researchers; a few representatives of the public administration and SMEs