On the 26th and 27th of September, in Luxembourg, Aggeliki Tsohou from the Ionian University represented the DEFeND project at the 3rd International Workshop on SECurity and Privacy Requirements Engineering, SECPRE 2019.
The paper “Privacy, Security, Legal and Technology Acceptance Requirements for a GDPR Compliance Platform” was presented and discussed. 


Software engineering is an essential aspect for obtaining a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software and services.
Incorporating security and privacy during the engineering process is of vital importance for assuring the development of reliable, correct, robust and trustful systems as well as adaptive, usable and evolving software services that satisfy users’ requirements.

For many years software engineers were focused in the development of new software thus considering security and privacy mainly during the development stage as an ad-hoc process rather than an integrated one initiated in the system design stage. However, the data protection regulations, the complexity of modern environments such as IoT, IoE, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Cyber Physical Systems etc. and the increased level of users’ awareness in IT have forced software engineers to identify security and privacy as fundamental design aspects leading to the implementation of more trusted software systems and services. Researchers have addressed the necessity and importance of implementing design methods for security and privacy requirements elicitation, modeling and implementation the last decades. Today Security by Design (SbD) and Privacy by Design (PbD) are established research areas that focus on these directions. 



26 – 27 September 2019





DEFeND Participation

Aggeliki Tsohou (Ionian University)