POSEIDON organised the 1st International Workshop on Privacy, Data Protection and Digital Identity, that took place in Coimbra, Portugal, on July 11th, 2019, with roughly 60 registered participants.

The workshop program was quite intense and counted with presentations from five H2020 projects.

Dr Luis Miguel Campos has presented the DEFeND project – Data Governance Framework for Supporting GDPR (https://www.defendproject.eu), funded by the Horizon2020 Programme to a very participative audience, among which were found, Dr Nikolaos Panagiotarakis (from the EC Research Executive Agency) which provided a very informative presentation on the topic “H2020 cyber-security relevant calls in 2020”, and the Project coordinators of the EU-funded projects: POSEIDON / ATENA  / PAPAYA / ATMOSPHERE.

In his talk, Dr Luis Miguel Campos, presented the main challenges faced by organizations, brought by the arrival of GDPR, and how DEFeND contributes to addressing them. In addition Dr Luis Campos discussed the current status of the project, and the roadmap of future activities. The DEFeND project will deliver a unique organizational data privacy governance platform to empower organisations in multiple sectors, to assess and comply to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), by improving existing software tools (ex: consent management, privacy impact analysis, and data breach management ) and developing new ‘integration software’, driven by market needs.

GDPR entered into force in all Member States of the European Union, in May 2018, enhancing user data protection. GDPR brings significant changes, with many clear advantages for the data subjects, but it also comes with many challenges. Organizations need to make wide range and complex changes to their personal data processing activities, in order to become GDPR compliant, while on the other hand, Citizens, as data subjects, are empowered with new rights, which however they need to become aware of, and fully understand how they can effectively regaining control of their data (discover who has their data, why they have it, where it’s stored and who is accessing it).

The workshop closed with a panel on Privacy, Data Protection and Digital Identity, during which the panelists expressed their views on several topics raised by the attendees.

The workshop agenda is presented below:

14:15 – 14:20 – Opening remarks, Francesco Schiavo (MEF, POSEIDON Coordinator), Fernando Boavida, (U. Coimbra), Claudia Cavadas (Vice-Rector, UC)
14:20 – 14:50 -“Information on the H2020 cyber-security relevant calls in 2020”, Nikolaos Panagiotarakis (EC Research Executive Agency)
14:50 – 15:20 – “DEFEND – Data Governance Framework for Supporting GDPR”, Luis Miguel Campos (PDMFC)
15:20 – 15:50 – “The POSEIDON Dashboard for Privacy and Digital Protection”, Joris Van Rooij (JIBE)
15:50 – 16:20 – “ATENA – Anomally Detection and Risk Assessment in Critical Infrastructures”, Tiago Cruz (U. Coimbra)
16:20 – 16:40 – Coffee break
16:40 – 17:10 – “PAPAYA – Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics”, Melek Önen, (EURECOM)
17:10 – 17:40 – “Risk Management and Data Analysis in POSEIDON”, Paulo Silva and Rui Casaleiro (U. Coimbra)
17:40 – 18:20 – “The ATMOSPHERE Approach Towards Trustworthy Cloud Services”, Marco Vieira (U. Coimbra)
18:20 – 19:00 – Panel on Privacy, Data Protection and Digital Identity

Panel chair:

Iván Gutiérrez (TECNALIA)


Nikolaos Panagiotarakis (EC Research Executive Agency)
Luis Miguel Campos (PDMFC)
Joris Van Rooij (JIBE)
Melek Önen, (EURECOM)
Paulo Simões (U. Coimbra)

19:00 – 19:05 – Closing remarks, Dario Beltrame (Accenture, POSEIDON Technical Leader), Marília Curado (U. Coimbra)


Thursday 11th July 2019


Department of Informatics Engineering, University of Coimbra


Around 60 people

DEFeND Participation

PDM & FC (PDMFC – Projecto Desenvolimento Manutencao Formacao E Consultadorialda)