The newly established York Interdisciplinary Centre for Cyber Security aims to bring together expertise across the University of York and internationally to address current and potential cyber security challenges.
They work mainly but not limited to the areas related to IoT, blockchain, cryptographic protocols, quantum and post-quantum cryptography, homomorphic machine learning, cyber security in politics and law, mathematics behind cyber security, and data analysis for encrypted medical data.

The centre also delivers the National Cyber Security Centre certified MSc in Cyber Security at the Department of Computer Science.

This event in particular is born to gather together employees, researchers and students from industry, academia and government to address cutting edge problems in different aspects of cyber security.

Topics discussed include:

  • Identity Management
  • Privacy Engineering
  • Applied cryptography
  • Quantum and Post-Quantum Security


Thursday 20th – Friday 21st June 2019


Piazza Building, University of York, UK


Around 50 people from academia and industry

DEFeND Participation

University of Brighton